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Our recruitment model

3C Synergy has developed a recruitment model, which focuses on what we consider to be the 3 most important ingredients for a successful recruitment placement, our Candidates, Clients and Consultants. Quite simply, our vision, working culture and ethos is geared up to serve these three important stakeholders equally. As it is a 'marriage' between these 3 parties which make placements possible.

Our community

Our aim is to cultivate a 'community environment' between our Clients, Candidates and Consultants. We recognise that each stakeholder has different requirements, so our consultative approach allows us to tailor our recruitment methods, providing a truly bespoke job-placement service.

Truly boutique

Being a 'boutique' niche consultancy, we are able to twist and bend to a greater degree than our peers, to sharpen our recruitment service offering. It is through our consultative approach that we achieve results. A careful balance of listening, researching, taking action and ultimately crafting the 'right fit'.

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