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Searching for positions via the Internet, requires candidates to be web savvy when it comes to designing their resume. A standard resume does not always stand out, when databases and computer search engines set a criteria to identify suitable resumes.

Job boards and job sites operate 24 hours a day, which means your resume is live and active all the time it is registered on the Internet. The key is to ensure you can be found by search engine criteria.

Key words

Key words are the focus on any resume that is to be searchable on the web. These are words which employers type or pick from a drop menu. They are also primarily nouns such as key skills, software packages, project type, etc. Verbs and adjectives are not frequently used to form search criteria. Therefore resumes that are worded around verbs & adjectives minimize their chances of being highlighted.

Knowledge, Skills and Ability (KSA)

The most effective e-resumes have a section at the beginning, which lists all the candidate's key attributes. This is the section which makes you stand out, when an employer searches the web. Pay attention to using the right key words in developing this paragraph.


Don't use bold face or italics - they are not recognized by databases and scanners turn them into jargon, which can't be used. Technology can provide you with tools to stand head and shoulders above competition. You may want to try creating a website to demonstrate your portfolio, or perhaps attach a short video to your resume online.

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