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We consider ourselves a 'breath of fresh air' within the recruitment world. A unique and growing business like ours creates opportunities within all facets of the business. We have a keen eye for attracting and retaining talent, individuals who have a certain 'x factor' grab our attention.

Of course we have set the bar fairly high for ourselves, as it is no easy feit finding such shining stars. Fortunately for us, we have one of the best commission structures around, an exciting & refreshing training program, we encourage work/life equilibrium through practices such as flexi-time & home-working (after a qualifying period), and are proud to offer our 'Gold Star Reward' scheme, which is totally exclusive to 3C Synergy.

These are just some of the factors, which set us apart from our competitors.


3C Synergy encourage diversity. We seek to attract talent not only from within our industry but also from other market sectors where skills are transferable.

We also encourage applications from what we see as a pool of 'squandered talent', such as women who leave work to have children and then struggle to come back. We are also keen to hear from mature candidates, as we welcome your wealth of knowledge and experience here at 3C Synergy.

We can offer technical & back office support to allow flexible home working, which may suit parents (for example) who have a young family. Nothing is impossible here at 3C Synergy.

Club 3C

Here at 3C Synergy, we aim to cultivate a 'community environment' between our consultants, clients and candidates. It is for this reason that we have made this a difficult 'club' to join, but a hugely satisfying place to work, on a professional and personal level.

Since we have raised the bar where standards are concerned, we have to be certain we are creating the 'right fit' for people across our business. If you are interested in joining us, please fill in our enquiry form, or speak to a team member via live chat.

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