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What is a podcast? 3C Synergy can explain all. The technology itself has been around for a few years, and has gathered huge momentum worldwide. Quite simply Podcasts allows you to create audio content for use on the web which can be downloaded via RSS feeds for people to listen to. It really comes down to differentiating yourself from the norm, and harnessing all the tools available to you, to stand out. Here at 3C Synergy, we see podcasting as a complimentary tool to use alongside other marketing efforts.

Podcasts can help with optimisation of websites, they can help in creating a fan-base, and you can really highlight yourself as an expert on your topic of strength, which can only help create exposure for your company and your projects.

Here at 3C Synergy we use Podcasts to announce events, keep people updated with our progress and to air interviews we have recorded with key figures in our industry. Podcasts can compliment blogging and other web 2.0 marketing efforts.

We now have the technology in-house to develop content, record, deliver and distribute Podcasts to your selected customer base.

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