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3C Synergy have deployed powerful technology which enables us to offer our clients ‘classroom’ themed Webinars over the internet. We can offer consultation and training on a variety of topics, as well as developing bespoke content to fit your specific needs.

The beauty of our training sessions, is that your staff don’t have to leave their actual offices to attend the webinar. Needless to say, this will save you costs associated with travel and subsistence for your staff, and time that your staff would originally have spent traveling to the training centre.

Our interactive webinars also overcome global logistical barriers, as we can train your staff over a live internet class whether they are based in Singapore, India or America.

On another note, we can offer in-house presence during interviews, to deliver our observations and key strategies regarding questioning techniques. Presentations can be arranged for managers and decision makers involved with interviews, to train them in asking the right key questions in an interview scenario.

Price per application, bespoke courses will be developed according to a time line agreed with you.

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